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Smita Enterprises

Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra

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Our Approach

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Our solutions are designed keeping in mind various requirements of customers to meet national & international standards such as quality of the light, energy efficiency, highest life cycles, lowest costs of ownership and environmental friendliness. Customer satisfaction through increased efficiency at the customer''s facility is the prime objective at Smita Enterprises.

This is achieved through a scientific approach. The  steps are as follows:

  • Understand customer''s requirement
  • Analyze the existing lighting systems & potential of energy savings
  • Establishing the energy savings through on site
  • Demonstrations by installing retrofit solutions
  • Summarizing the annual energy & monetary savings, reduced costs of inventory & labour intensive maintenance
  • To offer guide lines & support for installation of the products offered
  • Regular monitoring of the performance of the products for energy consumption through routine interactions with customers